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The Anti-Corruption Centre (ACC) implements on a regular basis in-person and online training programmes for different categories of civil servants and employees of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The main objective of these programmes is to inform the attendees about the restrictions, prohibitions and obligations which they are subject to under the anti-corruption legislation. The training is focused in particular on the law enforcement practice and case law.

The ACC also holds annual series of advanced webinars for anti-corruption practitioners. The webinars are centered on specific matters of anti-corruption regulation and are normally based on the findings of the research conducted by our Center.

Regular programmes

·    Anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and obligations in the public service

·    Countering corruption in the municipal service

·    Anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and obligations in the state-owned enterprises

·    Anti-corruption in procurement

Advanced webinars


·    Disclosure of digital financial assets and digital currencies

·    Use of special software to detect conflicts of interest and indicators of corruption offences 

·    Assessment of corruption risks: practical aspects

·    Control over expenses and liability for illicit enrichment

·    Conflict-of-interest management: current law-enforcement practice and case law


·    Extraterritorial anti-corruption legislation: risks of enforcement against Russian companies 

·    Anti-corruption compliance: practical aspects

·    Corporate liability for corruption: law enforcement practice and case law 

·    Asset and property declaration: legal novelties and case law

·    Methods for detecting model corruption practices in procurement

·    Peculiarities of enforcement of criminal liability for economic crimes


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